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There’s a saying that firefighters rush toward danger when everyone else is fleeing. The same could be said about the Franciscan Friars – who hasten to the cries of everyone: the poor, desperate, hungry, homeless, addicted, mentally ill, jobless, incarcerated, sick, elderly, and other communities and individuals that society finds easier to ignore than embrace.

Fr. Colin King, OFM, with students at Revival Primary School in Jamaica, West Indies.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
– St. Francis of Assisi

FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities powers the work of the Friars, who quench the flames of poverty, hardship and despair for millions of people who come to the collective Franciscan doorstep in the United States, Puerto Rico and Cuba, and at missions in Jamaica, Africa and South America. From Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Wisconsin, to Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts – and urban and rural locales in between – the friars live and serve in solidarity with those on the margins. 

– Larry, a Navajo veteran, thanks Fr. PJ Pabatao, OFM, for the Franciscan friars’ aid to struggling families on the Navajo Nation Reservation.

– A guest at St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood receives groceries and a blessing from Fr. Michael Duffy, OFM, at the Franciscan soup kitchen.

– Fr. Bob Sieg, OFM, with a family at the Franciscan Connection storefront ministry in St. Louis, Missouri.

– Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo gather with water pales, celebrating fresh water now available thanks to the water project founded by the Franciscan Friars.

Your generosity to FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities supports the work and diverse outreach ministries of the Friars – our breadlines, soup kitchens, food pantries, clothing distribution centers, housing for the mentally ill, substance/alcohol abuse rehabilitation residences, job training, rent and utility assistance, immigration service centers, and disaster relief initiatives. 

Transforming lives, providing basic necessities to get them through one day to the next, and giving people hope – that is the impact of your generosity to FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities. The Friars are able to joyfully and compassionately extend Franciscan welcome, healing, dignity and love to the forgotten and ignored who otherwise would not be helped in any other way. 

We are Everywhere, and You are a Part of Us!