About Us

Our 800 Years of History

What if St. Francis never encountered the leper when he was traveling the roads of Umbria, Italy? He could’ve ignored him and passed on the other side of the road. And what if he didn’t listen to the voice of God imploring him to rebuild his church? Fortunately, he grasped the figurative implications of what it meant to rebuild the Church – and from these encounters was born the brotherhood of Franciscan Friars. 

Since that eventful day over 800 years ago, the Franciscan Friars have continued to rebuild the Church, spiritually and physically. While they have countless church buildings to their credit, like Francis, the Friars are rebuilding the Church every day by living and preaching the Gospel through action and service. This is visible in the network of care the Friars have established in the U.S. and abroad, serving society’s most fragile communities and vulnerable populations. 

With FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities supporting the work of the Friars, the safety net of Franciscan compassion, dignity, love and respect is cast more widely for the poor, neglected, sick, addicted, marginalized, and rejected – the people who St. Francis, if he were here, would stop and care for on the streets and sidewalks of the 21st century. 

Your generous support of FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities makes you part of our 800-year history, caring for people who otherwise would not be helped in any other way.