About Us

Our Story

There is a saying, that if there was only one loaf of bread left in the entire world, the Franciscan Friars should have it. Why? Because they would share it with everyone! This is the heart of our story, the pulse of the Franciscans – Friars caring for all of creation with compassion and joy through diverse outreach and social service ministries. Ministering to people ignored and neglected, and who would otherwise not be helped in any other way. The Friars help millions of people every year who suffer with poverty, hunger, addiction, mental illness, and other hardships.

In autumn 2023, Franciscan Friars in five regions of the United States formed a single coast-to-coast fraternity – signaling the beginning of a new era for Franciscan ministry in the U.S. and beyond. It also created the unique opportunity for Friars, along with thousands of secular Franciscans, lay volunteers, and donors and supporters, to advance – with a new and unparalleled reach – the Franciscan mission of serving the poor, desperate and forgotten who seek help from the Friars every day.

FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities was created as a way to invest in the daily work and outreach services of the Friars unified under the province of Our Lady of Guadalupe. An important part of our story is Franciscan-hearted people, like you, whose prayer, support and generosity enable FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities to power this work of the Friars across the United States, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and at missions in Jamaica, Africa and South America. Your generosity is an investment in the Friars’ mission of healing, uniting and transforming the lives of the most vulnerable. 

About Us

Our Legacy

Living in service and solidarity with the poor and marginalized is a way of life for the Franciscan Friars – a legacy that began over 800 years ago when St. Francis of Assisi took to the streets to care for lepers and outcasts of his day. The Friars have a rich history of outreach ministry in the United States, extending their hands and hearts with great welcome, compassion, dignity, joy and humility to those who are poor, fragile and neglected, and would otherwise be forgotten and left behind. 

 The ministries are as diverse and vast as the Friars themselves. They provide food, clothing, medicine, substance abuse rehabilitation, housing, and other life-giving and life-changing ministries to those afflicted with poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, mental illness, addiction, natural disaster, and global conflict. 

This celebrated history of caring for the poor and desperate was manifest in FriarWorks, Franciscan Charities, Southwest Ministries, FriarWorks, and Franciscan Friars. These legacies are now FRANCISCAN FRIARS Charities, which not only continues, but also expands the Friars’ outreach ministry in the U.S. and beyond. 


Friar Works – St. John The Baptist Province, Cincinnati, OH

Franciscan Charities – Sacred Heart Province, St. Louis, MO

Southwest Ministries – Guadalupe Province , Albuquerque, NM

Friar Works – Holy Name Province, New York, NY

Francican Friars – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province – Franklin, WI